Olivier Rioual (Director and owner)


I welcome you to the Duquesne Eiffel Hotel.

After finance studies at the University Paris Dauphine in the 90s, I had one certainty: I was not done for the world of banks neither the stock market.

I needed a business contact, a human face. What better than a hotel?

I then picked the Hotel Duquesne Eiffel in 1992 and I am very happy to continue this adventure with you today.

One watchword in hotel: your satisfaction!

Each team member was first recruited for his human qualities and strive to serve you every day in joy and good humor!
That's why I think I can say that reigns at the hotel a special atmosphere which we are proud of.

To share our passion for Paris, things we found in love with, our good addresses, satisfy your cravings, talking about this and that ... This is what makes us smile every day!

Welcome home!

Olivier RIOUAL