Ile Saint Louis and Ile de la Cité

Ile Saint Louis and Ile de la Cité

These two islands are full of architectural jewels.

To admire them, on the Ile Saint Louis, you just have to walk in the alleys of the island and, mainly, in the Saint-Louis-en-Ile street lined with many hotels, restaurants and stores.

For ice cream lovers, go to the Maison Bertillon which is one of the famous ice cream shops of the capital.


The Saint-Louis bridge is the only bridge connecting the two islands. Frequently occupied by artists who perform there, the bridge is reserved for pedestrians and bicycles.


The Notre Dame de Paris cathedral is located on the Ile de la Cité. This 850 year old monument is one of the most emblematic monuments of Paris and has inspired many artistic works such as Victor Hugo's novel "Notre Dame de Paris". From its square you can see the chimeras and gargoyles.


The Ile de la Cité is also home to the Queen Elizabeth II flower market since 1808. On Sundays this market becomes the bird market. This space at the edge of the Seine offers a bucolic walk to the visitors.


Another monument not to be missed is the Conciergerie with the Clock Tower. Since the 14th century, the tower dominates the Seine and its clock was the first public clock in Paris.

The Conciergerie is the former medieval royal palace. It later became the seat of the court of justice and a prison.

The Sainte Chapelle, which is located in the center of the Conciergerie, represents a true feat of art and architecture. Classical music concerts are regularly held there.


Finally, the Place Dauphine is one of the most charming in the capital. It is located in the heart of Paris but remains far from the noise of the city.