The Conciergerie and the Sainte Chapelle

The Conciergerie and the Sainte Chapelle

The Conciergerie


This majestic building of medieval architecture, located in the 1st district of Paris, overlooks the banks of the Seine.

The Conciergerie has had several major roles throughout history.


First, in the 10th century, it housed the Palais de la Cité where the kings of France were based. This palace was then considered as one of the most beautiful in Europe.


Later, in 1310, the building was converted into a state prison where prisoners were locked up while awaiting judgment.

In most cases, this captivity led to an execution.

Marie-Antoinette and Robespierre stayed there during the French Revolution.

In 1914, the prison closed and became a national monument open to the public.


Before the last renovation of the place, you could even admire a reconstruction of Marie-Antoinette's cell.


The Sainte Chapelle


The Sainte Chapelle, located in the courtyard of the Conciergerie, is also a building of Gothic architecture.

This imposing chapel was built to house the Holy Replicas and was initially not open to the public.


Completed in 1248, after only 7 years of work, the Sainte Chapelle is among the most perfect works of the Middle Ages.


The building is divided into two parts: the lower chapel and the upper chapel.

The upper chapel, which has 1113 stained glass windows, was only reserved for the King and his family, while the lower chapel was used by the staff of the Palais de la Cité.


Today, many classical music concerts are held in the Sainte Chapelle.


How to get there : 8 Boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris

  • Métro : 4 Cité, 7 Châtelet
  • RER : B Saint-Michel Notre-Dame, RER D Châtelet-les Halles
  • Bus : 21, 38, 85, 96, 47 Cité – Palais de Justice